What is Quality Cannabis?

What is Quality Cannabis?

At Alibi, we love saying that we grow amazing weed. Customers ask for Alibi in their favorite shops. But what does quality actually mean? After spending hours talking with and listening to customers in dispensaries, it’s clear that many think that potency and THC % are indicative of quality. But it is NOT.

Ultimately, the best weed is what makes you feel the way you want.

Your cannabis experience is so much more than THC. Terpenes, flavanoids, other cannabinoids and so much more combine to create a moment in time.

Here are some of the things we focus on at Alibi’s farm to help grow the best cannabis around:

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  • Pay attention to each plant and feed appropriately
  • Select genetics that fit within our growing style
  • Monitor the growing environment carefully to prevent pests and pathogens
  • Keep mother plants healthy so clones start healthy
  • Dry and cure carefully to preserve the natural aromas
  • Always hand trim
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