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Durban Poison

Fruity with hints of Guava. This pure sativa has very energetic and uplifting effects. Durban is a perfect strain for...
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Grape Octane

Purple and frosty Gassy with diesel taste and smell. Just a hint of grape and fruit. Buds are tight and...
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London Pound Cake

Potent and sugary. This delightful strain is exotic and highly crystalized. Elongated bud structure with a silky feel
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Rainbow Crush

Rainbow Crush Sativa-dominant hybrid California Orange, Maui Pineapple Chunk and Blueberry cross. An Alibi Exclusive! Blueberry creaminess with citrus tang....
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Kamala Kush

So excited about this limited-run genetic. Earthy and grounding. Buds are weighty and shaped like grenades. A unique flavor for...
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Black Cherry Soda

Indica-dominant Cherry AK47, Blackberry xC99, Ortega and Airborne G13. Sweet and fruity, Black Cherry Soda gives a cerebral high without...
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