Alibi Cannabis


Cosmic 22

Sweet doughnut aromas with dark chocolate and gas. It doesn’t get much better than this. Take off on a ride...
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Blue Truffle

Our Blue Truffle is a remarkable indica-dominant hybrid resulting from the fusion of White Truffle and Blueberry. Seems like a...
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Black Patronus

Jet black fuel and crystal ice forms this amazing complex cultivar. Blazing high quality that will smooth the bumps on...
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Purple Daiquiri

Sweet, vanilla cake with hints of an earthy skunk. This smooth operator is perfect for a lazy evening watching The...
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Pink Rozay

Imagine those yummy slightly crispy, caramelized corners of a fresh cookie. This strain is bright, sweet and smooth. Experience has...
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GMO Glue

Old school flavors with new tech quality. Sweet garlic with a bright flavor that is potent and warming. Consume with...
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Royal Octane

Sweet and yet tart and skunky. Some have reported feeling creative and strong. Hybrid Bubba Kush and Animal Mints cross
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Purple Runtz

If the color purple had a smell, this would be it! Sweet and earthy with citrus overtones. Hybrid Gelato and...
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Durban Poison

Fruity with hints of Guava. This pure sativa has very energetic and uplifting effects. Durban is a perfect strain for...
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